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All Come w/Choice of: BBQ Baked Beans or Fries

All Our Burgers Are A Half Pound Of Juicy, 100% Angus Beef

“The Original”- American Cheese/Red Onion/Pickle/Lettuce/Tomato/Mayo   $8 


BBQ Bacon Burger- Pork BBQ/Bacon/Mozzarella/BBQ Sauce  $9

Cheddar Blackened Bacon Burger- Cheddar/Bacon/Blackening Seasoning/Lettuce/Tomato/Ketchup  $9

The Pitts-Burger- American Cheese/Bacon/Slaw/Tomato/FF     $9

Grilled Chicken- Marinated Breast/Cheddar/LTM/Red Onion    $8


Cheese Steak- Grilled Onions/Cheese/Lettuce/Tomato/Mayo  $8

Chicken Steak- Chicken Breast/Cheese/Lettuce/Tomato/Mayo  $8

Special Steak- Xtra Steak/Banana Peppers/Cheese/LTM       $9


BBQ Pulled Pork- Smoked Pulled Pork/Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce/Coleslaw     $8

Sloppy Slaw Dog-1/4 # Beef Dog/Pork BBQ/Slaw/BBQ Sauce  $7

Dog & Fries- Ketchup/Mustard/Relish/Onions   $5

Just A Bunch Of Fries- $3


Bacon- $1.00

Fried Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers or Cheese- $.75


 Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite/Orange/Root Beer/Water- $1 



G.T.A Grille Menu is for Take-Out at Kitchen Location Only,Between the Hours of 11 to 2 Monday Thru Friday. Office or Home Delivery Available Thru

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