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   Go to the Ordering/Menus page (above), then choose from our weekly Menu selections. Add your selections to the shopping cart by clicking order under the photo. Once you are there, then you  may choose how many additional orders you would like to add to your cart. After you have selected your order, you then just click on continue at bottom of screen.

Call or email if you have any questions.




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   Drop Off Service Program: (shown above) This is designed for customers that will not be home with in the scheduled delivery times. Just select the Drop Off Service on the order page for the bag and ice packs. Leave the empty bag and ice packs on your doorstep, and we'll pick them up on your next delivery. 

Catering Services

  We offer a wide variety of catering services, from back yard barbecues, Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, family reunions, graduations, and family get togethers.             

   We provide, "Drop Off Services" where meals are packaged in foil containers, and delivered hot and fresh.

Wire chafers and sternos available for additional charge



Gourmet Take Away can accommodate your event.
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