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Here's The Story...
A Long Long Time Ago..In The Foothills,Far Far Away....
  Their Lived A Young Aspiring Visionary & Future Chef

   Hello, My Name Is Jason Smith, Owner And Founder Of, Gourmet Take Away,inc. Born And Raised In The Laurel Mountains In  Pennsylvania, From A Small Town Called, Hopwood. Growing Up In A Country Setting With My Dearest Grandmother, Mary Jane & My Loving Sweet Mother, Rita Who Gave Me My Inspiration To Follow My Dreams, Basically Taught Me The Importance Of Family Values, Starting Over After Some Of Lifes Little Failures, A Strive For Success And Of Course, Cooking Delicious Food. As My Years Progressed In The Culinary Field Of Over 35 Years, Practicing Traditional Italian, French, South Western And Home-Style Comfort Foods, I Started Infusing Them Together To Create My Own Taste & Style, That  Became A Technique I Call,          




"Gourmet Home Style Meals"
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